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CB Auto Group


Working with unions since 2016

Founded in 2016, CB Auto Group is an organization located in Georgia that has been constantly involved in the development and improvement of its prime service, the Union Auto Program.

Working on a regional basis since its inception, CB Auto Group and its chairman, John Perez, have worked on developing the trust of labor unions across the southern states, initially starting with the Georgia American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (“AFL-CIO”), and expanding to other states as time went on. The AFL-CIO being largest federation of unions within the United States.

The Union Auto Program had its beta launch in Q4 2018 in a small amount of states. In January 2019, CB Auto Group had a soft launch of the program. As months passed, and word of the program spread, labor unions across the country began to invite Mr. Perez to present the program to their board/constituents and bring it to their states as well.

Three years after its initial launch, Mr. Perez is addressing state conventions attended by state delegates, each of which represent union members in their respective state. Currently, CB Auto Group has expanded the Union Auto Program to a total of 14 states within the South Eastern region of the United States and is working on further expanding the program to the rest of the US within the coming years.


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